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Dec 05, 2014


I am a new Instructional Designer, I just started working with Articulate Storyline. I  recently came across this community, and thought there will be no better place than here to ask a question to so many professional Instructional Designers.

I was wondering how long (on average) does it take a new beginner to create a training such as the ones featured in the example showcases, and how long on average does it take a professional to create a training?

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you,


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Brent deMoville

You will hate this answer, but it depends.  It depends on the quality of the content you receive from your subject matter expert (SME) and how well they understand what they want.  If you have to do a lot of clean up and editing, that can add days.  If you have to search for or create the graphics you will use, that will add time.  The more interactive the program is the more time will be required to determine the right logic and test the interactions.

If the project requires voice over video then those must be created or sourced.

Finally, the biggest challenge is whether or not it will be published for a global audience and require translation and localization of the material.

I try to keep individual modules to a run time of 20 minutes or less.  I find that longer modules try the patience of the learner.  

If I have good SME content with a clear vision, graphics available in my library, moderate interaction, and simple voice over with final output only in English, I can usually create a module within a few days to a week.  I normally have a few days for testing by the users and then some light clean-up at the end.

With less desirable inputs, it can takes weeks to develop a module.  When I started, it took longer as I was learning about how triggers worked and positioning items on the timeline. However, the learning curve on this is not that steep.

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