Beginner needing to understand variables

Jun 17, 2019

Hi! I'm very new to Storyline and I have begun creating eLearnings. We have a template to work from. I have to change all slides to a "true" variable. I'm struggling with this - probably because I don't understand what this does or what it means. Can anyone give me a quick rundown on the "why" behind this. 


Thanks! Erica

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Eric Rowland

Hello Erika, 

Variables are a lot of fun to work with, but can be a bit confusing to get started - No worries though!  

In your example - I think there is a lot of context missing so I cannot give you an appropriate response. I would suggest following up with a peer/mentor to figure out the directions given. 

Could you upload the .story file so that we can check and see what is happening in the background? 


Erica Ward

Hi Eric. I'm not sure I have context to share. I only have three slides created. I'll share what is written in our style guide - maybe that will help. That's really all I have to go off of too... And I will ask a peer...


Every slide in the course must contain a trigger that adjusts the slide’s associated variable to “true” when the timeline starts, as shown here. This means new variables may need to be created so that one exists for every single slide in the course. This is important for the custom menu white checkmarks, which indicate learner progress, to work correctly.