Best 16:9 story size for Wordpress site

Hi All,

I'm trying to set my story size to 16:9 ratio but have it fit on a Wordpress site.  I can adjust the height on the website, but width just doesn't go beyond 100%. Can anyone suggest best story size for this ratio on a webpage so that the project fits completely without sliders.  I've got my player set so that there is no border or margins. Thank you.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sylvia, 

If you choose a 16:9 aspect ratio in Storyline, the default will be 720 x 405. Any player elements you also include will impact that sizing.

How that's going to display on an individual screen though may depend on their overall browser settings too. So you could look at locking the player sizing and the browser sizing as described here. 

Do you know what devices your users will be accessing the course on?