Best Affordable Laptop for Articulate Storyline Production

Nov 03, 2015

Hi - I have been using Articulate Storyline on a Mac running parallels for two years. It's very slow and not ideal for multitasking. I'm looking for a laptop to use primarily for Storyline course authoring. I already have a MacBook Pro and just purchased a new MacBook Air for my dedicated writing machine. I will need to purchase an additional Storyline license too, so I really don't want to break the bank on this additional laptop. I just want something that has the necessary specs and is as lightweight as possible. Any recommendations?

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david mckisick

Storyline runs well on mid-spec computers, so most laptops running Windows 7 or 8 should work out just fine. However, if you want it to really run fast and be able to multi-task several Storyline projects at once, then you want more RAM (8 Gigs +) and a custom video card, such as NVidia or AMD integrated graphics. The high-end rigs are not cheap, but definitely worth it. These types of laptops also usually come with bigger display areas at higher resolutions, support additional high resolution monitors, and you can get some with custom keyboards as well to really help crunch out those scripts!

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