Best Hosting Options for Storyline

Jun 08, 2012

I seem to recall during the beta, playback of Storyline using Dropbox hosted files was sporadic for some. I believe Articulate uses and suggested Amazon (AWS), but I'm wondering if someone could describe the technical issues for using one service or another when hosting storyline files. (I.E. the speed of detection of the device used/server side updates/etc.) I have high end hosted dedicated servers running Moodle (16gb ram, high speed drives, etc.) so I can obviously store/deliver files inside my own Moodle installations on my own servers and would need to do so when tracking completion, but If there are specific reasons to use (or not use) AWS, Dropbox, Box, YouSendIt Workstream, etc, I'd like to know about/start now instead of switching later on.

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Don Adams

Hi Todd,

We may be looking for similar information but as I am new to Storyline, I hope that I am not straying far from your information request.  I am in the process of creating a tablet program with Storyline in which each page is a separate interactive Flash file.  After publishing to HTML5, I wish to make the product available to a wide market (and thus do not want to limit it to my own web page).  Two unknowns to me are: 1) file size that commercial distributing firms will accept (ex. amazon etc.), and 2) do I use software such as Calibre (or other) to convert/wrap my program into that which will be accepted.

Todd Thornton


Not sure I can help you but I doubt file size would be an issue with any of the distributing firms you mention. I suppose if you needed to retain control of the content  for updating and it needed to be tracked within different LMS systems, you could use something like Scorm Dispatch from Rustici.

I've never really understood their Scorm Cloud pricing because I'm (and I suspect others) are continually breaking courses into smaller and smaller sections/pieces (unbundling) which I believe would then each count as a "registration" which could make it very expensive. (at least the way I personally deliver content) If your entire tablet program is one SCORM/Tin Can package "one registration to them" which has multiple pages that people return to over time, then it could probably make sense.

That would also be true if you thought the content would be delivered via sites running Wordpress, through Google Apps, etc.

From the standpoint of tracking/delivering SCORM and/or trackable content they are probably the best solution available. (At least in my own tests)

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