Best laptop specifications for storyline.

Apr 23, 2013


I'm working as a trainer at a retail pharmaceutical company, i'm using Mac-book pro with parallel to run the Articulate Storline . I'm planning to buy another windows laptop mainly for the Storyline. So if you can help me with your experience and recommend the best laptop specifications. And what is the most part that i should look for ? Is it the processor , the graphic card, the SSD hard drive or something else?.

Thanks all.


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Harri S

Hi Amr,

Sorry, I don't have any useful input in terms of laptop specs, however I think you made need to consider the other programs you use for content development as well as Storyline. For example, do you need photoshop/illustrator etc, audio editing software, other rapid development programs that compliment Storyline...... and do you need them running at the same time? This will affect the specs necessary for optimum laptop performance. 

Rich Calcutt

Hi Amr, 

If you need to be able to edit in Storyline as well as other development applications such as Photoshop, I would recommend looking at:

RAM: 8gb

Hard Disk: 500gb

Processor: Dual Core 2.4 ghz or better

Graphics: Integrated graphics is fine, no real need for dedicated graphics memory but it would be more future-proof that way.

Storyline currently only uses 2gb of your system RAM max, but personally I wouldn't buy a new laptop with spec lower than stated above. 

Just my opinions. 



Indrani Sen

hello,  my PC laptop died, and I am looking to buy a new laptop.  I use Storyline 2 in conjunction with Adobe creative suite as well as Captivate.  Any help will be super.  Also,  I am looking ideally for a laptop with stylus but not necessary.  I do have a wacom tablet which I like.  Thanks again.



Enabling Dimensions


I'm working on an game based quiz and getting erratic behavior from the Storyline 360. It is getting shutting down and hang on regularly basis. I'm using windows 10 PC.

I tried all possible ways to short this out also raised at support but did not get any permanent  solution for it, can anyone help me out in this.


Saurabh Awasthi

Ulises Musseb

Hello. My two cents. I am having a very hard time with my configuration. I have one of those Dual purpose laptops, that it's supposed to work with the mouse and also touch screen. It is neither. In a production environment that setup (in my experience) is less than optimal. The mouse is not responsive; I have to click a few times to access things, then the three or four clicks occurred in a delayed manner. For a man like me, who has been clicking for over 32 years, that's not a good thing.

I am using Windows 10, which has its own challenges, but with SL, seems like the interfaces are competing with each other. I get freezes, lots of things going on in the background.

I'd recommend not to get a laptop that has touch screen functions. Also, regardless of the hardware, Windows 10 (and Articulate, every once in a while) pose challenges with the interface, and the hardware portion helps, but it's not directly related.

There are a few Windows settings (there's a support page for that in this website) that Articulate recommends to prevent or fix some SL erratic behavior. I'd recommend to make sure those Windows settings are in agreement with SL. They make a difference.

I started having a lot of interface problems with Articulate 360 after some updates, with Windows 10, and when I obtained a 2-in-1 design laptop Those laptops are more like half-of-each design. Never before have I experienced so many interface issues before those two things.