Best method for a "guided demonstration" simulation?

Jul 23, 2015

I'm trying to find the best method for creating "guided demonstration" simulations. (Best = most efficient/fastest in terms of development labor.) Neither of the default modes (Try or Test) does exactly what I'm looking for. My requirements are simple:

  • Hint caption
  • Try again message/button
  • Incorrect message (w/continue button) after the 2nd attempt

It seems like my options are:

A. Try mode, customized by adding an "attempt" variable, an increment trigger, an Incorrect message, and a "reset attempt" trigger at the start of timeline for each slide (at minimum). I am unable to get this to work properly, but even if it did work I assume I would have to add these items manually to every single slide.

B. Test mode, customized by simply adding the hint caption to each slide. The rest of the functionality is already built in and so doesn't require any programming.

Unless I'm missing something, option B is clearly the best approach. True? Is there a third option?



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