Best notebook/laptop for using Articulate Storyline 2?

Hi everyone

I've found some older discussions regarding laptop recommendations but since specs change so rapidly I thought I'd post a fresh discussion (as I'm currently looking to buy a new notebook). I'm not using Mac so Windows notebooks are the order of the day. I'm currently looking at the Dell Alienware. Anyone have any other recommendations?

My top requirements are SSD, good graphics card and processor to deal with video editing etc. Doesn't need to have a big screen as I work on an external monitor at home so I'd go smaller and lighter over a bigger screen if there's a choice.



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Brian Dennis

Fast drive speed (like SSD) and processor are probably most important especially if your projects tend to be video intensive. Graphics cards is moderately important. If you plan to do your own voice over work, or have talent visit your facility you might invest in a reasonable nice audio recording setup. Microphones like the Yeti are quite popular with the SL crowd. Software like Audacity come highly recommended as well. Fast internet connection, and an option where you would share your projects midst development with your SME and stakeholders would round out a first pass at items to cross off the list. Articulate offers a temporary share point that is quite popular for sharing projects with clients