Best Practice for Course Publishing to LMS (Cornerstone)

Dec 01, 2020

My organization uses Cornerstone for our LMS. On numerous occasions, we have issues with courses not moving to a completed status on a person's transcript. Typically I publish to SCORM2004 and tie completion to either slides viewed or quiz score. Has anyone faced this issue using Cornerstone, and what have you found as the best publishing options?

Thank you,

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Rhona!

I'm eager to hear what other Cornerstone users recommend! In their documentation, it looks like their recommendation is to publish using SCORM 1.2, 2004 (3rd edition) and AICC.  And if publishing to SCORM 2004, using 3rd edition to avoid issues with course navigation, bookmarking, or reporting of completion status.

I'll keep an eye out for any recommendations in the community! 

Carolyn Kunz

Below are some best practices my organization follows when publishing Articulate for CSOD.

  • Publish the module as SCORM 1.2. In the past we found 2004 to be buggy, however, we have not tried 2004 in a while and this may no longer be the case.
  • No quiz or no passing grade required: Use the Complete Course trigger, with the trigger on the last slide, instead of viewing slides.
  • Quiz with a minimum passing: If the SME does not need to see the score in the LMS, we use Passed/Incomplete. In cases where they do, we use Passed/Failed.   

I also recommend that you bookmark this thread on Storyline and CSOD.