Best Practice for creating an information "help" interaction

Hello, I am creating a New Hire Orientation course for my company that involves searching a virtual office and clicking on items to reveal company information.

There are 3 rooms. I would like to create an information button, that when the user needs help,  it will tell them how many clickable objects are left to find.

I would love any advice on the easiest way to do this. 

There are 8 items in the first room

8 items in the second room

5 items in the 3rd room

Would love to get this right the first time . :)


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Pam,

I would tell them up front how many items they need to find in each room. And show them a running count by using a number variable. 

Since you want to indicate how many items remain to be clicked, have the initial value of the variable be the total number of clickable items. Then have triggers that subtract 1 from the variable the first time the user clicks each object. For example, give each object a Visited state, and then subtract 1 from the variable when the state for that object changes to Visited. 

To provide that info only via a help button, you still need the same variable and triggers to adjust it. You'd just have to reveal the number left via the help button. 

For more info on variables: