Best Practice for New Scene Starting Slide

Apr 29, 2013

Hi.  I'm interested in your advice on "best practice" for managing the starting slide for each new scene with respect to how the Menu lists that first slide.  When I create a new scene, I do so by beginning with a special slide that acts as a section title slide, after which I add the slides that take the student through the material over the next handful of slides.  But I'm finding an awkwardness to this in that there is no actual slide associated with the section title as listed in the Menu.  So when a person advances from the last slide of one section onto the first slide of the subsequent section, the section title in the Menu is "skipped" and the first slide is played.  However, that first real slide is my section title slide.  So its title is very naturally the same as the section title.  I can fudge around it and try to come up with different titles, but I find myself coming up with meaningless titles like having a section title of "What Causes Fibromyalgia?" followed by the 1st slide which I rename as "Begin" or "Start."  I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well, but it feels to me as though I'm not handling this "section title vs. first slide title" the way an experienced course designer would do it in Storyline.  Can you give me some advice?  (If it helps, the course I'm beginning to build is at

Thank you.


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