Best practice for opening external content

Apr 20, 2015

I found that Chrome likes to open external content in a new tab, not a new window.  This leads to some learner confusion as the tab will open in the LMS window, not the course window.

I'd like to modify the course so the links open within a course window.  Has anyone got some caveats or best practices to recommend?


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Sam Carter
Ravindra Gardi

Use trigger Hide Layer: when timeline ends(of layer). Its will hide the layer automatically but see its fit your course requirement or not.  If you want to user must click the close button then you need to add it.

This is fine if the external content is media.  If it is a static web page, it is necessary to overlay a close button somewhere.  It works, but the behavior of the button overlaying the web object is a little jumpy.

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