Best practices in demonstrations for text in callouts

Hi, all. I hope that I can get your opinions on what the text in the captions/callouts should say.

In my course, I have used Storyline's recording capability to capture multiple topics - each includes a Demonstration, a Practice, and a final knowledge check. There is no narration. I am using "Click..." for the instruction callouts in the "Let Me Try" recordings. What is the best practice in handling callout text in the "Show Me" demonstrations, where the user is just watching? One option is to say, "You will click..." This seems a bit awkward.

Currently, all callouts across the course are orange to match how we highlight actionable tasks in other courses. Perhaps I can change the color scheme to differentiate between the demonstration screens and the practice screens?

I will greatly appreciate your ideas! 


Jill Freeman,

Digital Harbor, LLC

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Jackson Hamner

In our courses, when we are talking about a process but not having the learner interact with that process, we use: "You will...", "You would...", "you can...", "you could..." etc.

In my opinion I don't see it as being that awkward. It is direct about what actions the learner will take and wont confuse a learner reading the text and wondering if they have to do anything on the screen.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps!