Best resolution for Storyline files on ASUS tablet

I'm using an ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity with the Articulate mobile app and I'm having difficulty getting the right resolution so that my storyline files can be at more of a full screen. Currently it seems like it seems like the app only covers the tablet at a 4:3 ratio when the tablet is more of a 16:9 ratio. The app doesn't allow for expansion of the storyline file to fill out the areas in on the left and right.

I've taken a screenshot of a storyline I published with a stage size of 1920x1200 which should be the screen resolution of the ASUS tablet. In the screenshot I've highlighted the area that is the space that isn't being utilized and the storyline file I've use the pinch gesture to make it full screen. 

I understand that the Articulate Android app acts as a container for the storyline files and is probably set at a certain resolution to accommodate most mobile and tablet devices so I understand why the app is restricting the size.

But I NEED to be able to make this cover the whole screen on our tablets. I tried publishing this without the Articulate Android app to see if it would make a difference but it just forces me every time to go to the play store and use the app. 

Getting our storyline files to go full screen on our tablets is absolutely essential and I need a real solution and NOT to be told "That's a good idea, you can make it a feature request". 

If there is a setting I'm missing or something I don't know I would appreciate some kind of information about any kind of next steps I can take I would really appreciate it. Please and thanks. 

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