Best Type of Interaction

I am trying to create an interaction in 360 where the learner reads a statement and has to identify the key words. For example, the statement might be "The dog and cat have fleas." The correct key words would be dog, cat, and fleas. I was hoping to do a text entry but I am not sure if I can for this. I would rather not do a multiple choice for this. 




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Crystal Horn

Hi Laurie!  Hoping you get some good community feedback here.

My first thought would be to do a Pick Many question type, and maybe put some hotspots over the possible answers (including the wrong ones!).  Then your users could just click their selections and submit!

Let us know what you come up with!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Laurel

Crystal's idea sounds good.  Here is a similar one I helped a forum user with and we did it as a Pick One question type.

I'm not sure of the context but the correct answers were Smashing Pumpkins, is, is, is - anything else that was selected was incorrect.

Anyway may this setup will give you some ideas.