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Laurel Schulert

Hi Lisa, 

If you have Articulate 360,  your reviewers can use the Review site to log feedback on each slide in "real time" as they view them. I have found this to be the best method for reviewing. 

If you don't have 360, you have a few other options.

You could publish your course to Articulate Tempshare, a free cloud based storage site which will store your course for 10 days. 

You could upload it to your LMS for them to preview. 

You could meet in person to review it together (this is also a great way to get feedback, when it's feasible to meet in person). 

Publishing as a Word doc doesn't allow reviewers to see all of the "bells and whistles," and my reviewers often don't understand how the interactions will work when they only see the Word doc. However, the Word doc is a great place for them to record feedback if you don't have Articulate 360 and Review. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Lisa!

Is your narration text within the Notes section? If so and you're publishing to Word, you'll want to be sure the "Show slide notes" option is checked. 

I also wanted to point you to a few articles that relate to this topic, in case you're interested:

I invite other folks in the community to share what they've done to make the review process easier, and hopefully these links will get you started in the mean time!

L. M.

Hi Lisa

From a SME's point of view. I prefer seeing the content after being loaded in the LMS. This way, I can thumb through everything and put myself in the seat of the learner. 

As far as notes and feedback a word document could suffice or, it would be a follow up phone call, video conference or in person meeting.