Best way to capture variable data for a team assessment?

Jan 25, 2019

Hi there,

I need to create a team assessment. There are four slides with four questions each that are rated by 5 categories: rarely, sometimes, frequently, almost always and always. So the possible points for each slide would total 20, if the user selected "always" for each of the four questions. 

After answering the questions on each of the four slides, I need a message to display telling the user that this slide out of the four had the lowest points. I assumed I would use layers for this part.

I started building this using sliders because the variables were already built in. When I added the trigger to add the amount from each slider to the slideTotal variable, it ended up adding all of the numbers for each slider. So instead of just adding "5" because the user selected "always" it added 1+2+3+4+5 for each slider totaling 60 for the slide when it should have been 20 or less. 

Then I changed the trigger so that it only added slider amounts when the user clicked the next button but then I got zero. 

Would it be better to use radio buttons or a Likert survey for this instead? 

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Lisa Ogan

I figured it out. Select the slider and look at the properties under the Design tab. Under the variable name, there is an option about how the variable is updated. By default "when slider is dragged" was selected, which resulting in each variable being added up. I changed this to "when learner releases" and it works perfectly. It only retains the value from the slider option that is selected. 

I also figured out how to perform the calculation of selecting which was the lowest score from the four slides and then have SL display a layer that says "you scored lowest in this category and here is some feedback." This involved a little javascript using Math.min and then passing some variables back and forth. I was able to figure this out in an hour or two, which very little understanding of Javascript. Let me know if anyone wants anymore details. 

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