Best way to integrate legacy Powerpoint slides

Jun 16, 2014

Hello Heroes,

I have a huge pile of Powerpoint slides I use in my live teaching. Virtually every slide has fade-in elements triggered by a click.  Is there *any way* - direct or indirect -, to import such slides into Storyline while preserving these triggers? SimplePPT import removes this basic intractivity. And rebuolidng each interaction from scatch defeats  the concept of rapid authoring.

Would I have the same problem in Articulate Presenter?

To make things worse, my course must work on an Ipad... The only workaround I found was converting PPT to HTML 5 and having these files hyperlinked (Jump to  file/URL). But... local external files do not work with the Articulate mobile player (puttins an extra constraint)  and some movies I have simply don't play after HTML5 converrion ( using Ispring converter).

Thank you for any ideas or suggestions!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanya,

There is further documentation here on importing from Powerpoint to Storyline, and as Phil mentioned the click triggers will not be imported. 

In regards to your file hyperlinks, the file hyperlinks are not supported in the mobile player as documented in this comparison chart.  As far as your videos that are not playing, what type of file have you added into Storyline for your media files? Here is how videos are encoded in Storyline depending on your publish settings. 

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