Best way to provide feedback on a Storyline presentation

Hi All,

I am currently reviewing a Storyline presentation for a colleague and am finding that it is becoming confusing trying to clearly identify the specific area of the presentation I am referring to when I make comments/suggestions.

I was thinking of having my colleague publish to a word document so I can put my comments/suggestions in at the relevant point but was wondering if there are any other options?

Is there a way to record audio comments while viewing the presentation?

Very grateful for any help that can be provided.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ingrid,

I'm sure others will have some suggestions for you on this, but I just wanted to chime in with a quick thought. 

If the comments are short and you just want to display exactly there the issue is, you could always create a screen recording. You could use another instance of Storyline, you could use Replay or you could use Screenr

If you use Screenr, you could create a free account that's specific to the project and save all the comments in one place. Then, you could share the library with your collection of videos. 

Not sure if videos are the way you want to go - but I thought that, visually, it would help specify where you are in the project and assist with communicating with the developers/designers. 

Good luck!