Best way to record a presentation with audio?

Hi everyone,

I need to "record" a presentation and sync it to audio. The presentation includes animations and some slides include many objects. The content currently exists in Powerpoint, although it will need to be modified. It's possible that new content might need to be added after the original course is complete. 

In your opinion, what is the best way to do this? The three options as I see it are:

1) Use Powerpoint and add an audio file to each slide. It wouldn't be recorded and the presenter would have to click through the animations, but it would probably be the least amount of development time. Issue with this is that PPT doesn't have a timeline and is very clunky when dealing with multiple objects/animations.

2) Import the PPT to Storyline and publish as a video. Obviously Storyline has a timeline and would be the easiest to manipulate and sync objects. The downside is that as good as Storyline is at importing PPT, there will likely be some development in fixing objects and syncing animations. 

3) Record the PPT using Camtasia/Screenflow. Even though both these use a timeline, seems like this might be a pain trying to sync animations to the audio as well as adding in content down the road. 

Thank you for any feedback!

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Reynaldo Galang

Hi Lisa,

This is just my input but you still have the last word on this...

My suggestion is to import the PPT to Storyline 360 and publish it as a video. The timeline will help you manipulate the audio and also some stuffs like the following:

- You can add closed caption in your video.

- You can use Text-to-Speech feature of the app as another audio

- You can add a narration

- Import slides from other contents if ever you want to insert additional slides.

You can also check this link with regards to syncing animations:

Hope this helps.