Best way to return to base layer?

Jun 20, 2014

The situation is:

I have a series of multi-layered slides that I wish to allow the user to navigate through, base to successive layers, in a linear fashion. (Example: base, L2, L3, etc.) I also need the user to be able to navigate backwards (L3, L2, base). I have provided 'continue' and 'back' buttons on the slides to facilitate forward and backward navigation.

To navigate 'back' from layer 2 to the base layer, I elected to use the  'jump to slide' action, where targeted slide is the base layer.

My questions are:

1. Is this the best solution?

2. If I use this solution are there known problems that may occur?

3. If this is not the best solution, what is?



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Tim Shelton

Its best to simply use buttons on each layer.

On the base it has a 'next' button that has a trigger for #show layer#  L1.

On Layer 1 it has 'back' button which simply hides L1 and a 'next' button with a trigger #show layer#   L2.

Layer 2 has a back button which has trigger show layer L1  and next button with a trigger show layer L3  etc 

Its straightforward when navigating to a new layer  it hides the old one when navigating back to the base slide hide the current layer.

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