Best Way to Search for Example Storyline Files in Forums?

When trying to correct temporary brain freeze, I like to view demo's in rapid fire fashion that people have posted. Since there's not really "tags" to denote a sample, I'm just wondering if anybody has figured out a great way to search/pull up threads that contains actual story files.

Using .story in the search bar doesn't seem to work particularly well and even if it did it wouldn't catch a link with no story file. I've been searching for key words like  "demo" but it seems a lot of people don't use the word demo in their title. Of course you have "example", "sample", etc.

I figured someone much smarter than I had already figured out a good way to just pull up threads with samples quickly.


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Peter Anderson

Hey Todd,

That's a great question, and I haven't stumbled upon a better way to search for threads with sample files, but something that can be really helpful, is to add individual posts to your "Favorites" list. Just click the little heart under each post you'd like to save to your favorites page, and you can access them anytime, quickly, by clicking on the "Favorites" link at the bottom of all these pages. 

Hope that's helpful

Todd Thornton

@peter- Thanks for the favorites reminder.

@adrian- Thanks for the Google reminder. I don't know why I'm always compelled to use the built in search box on a forum when Google is almost always quicker at returning results.

In case anyone else decides to use Google,  I played around with the advanced settings and one other tip that I always seem to forget is changing where the terms appears settings. If you just search the title of the page, the results tend to be narrow but good.