Best way to show completion of a scene

My course has 6 sections in it and each one is within a scene.  I'd like to show progress for the learner and have the section header change colors once they've completed a scene.  I am not sure of the best way to do that  - layers, or states or something else.  Looking for recommendations!  Thanks in advance. kathleen

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david mckisick

Set a T/F variable for each scene which you will set to T after at the end of the scene. You then use these variables to "trigger" the color shifting progress bar, which you will setup as part of a master slide layer. It needs to be on the master slide so that it is persistent throughout the course. For example, let's say you have three scenes - red, green, and blue. You then setup a master slide layer with a progress bar using red, green, and blue, and set these to state Hidden as default. Then you need to create three T/F variables, say something like RedDone - F, GreenDone - F, and BlueDone - F. Last, set a trigger on each color bar to - Change State (color bar) to Normal when Timeline Starts IF (color)Done = T.

At the last slide of each scene on the NEXT button you will add a trigger that will adjust variable for that next scene to T.

Attached is an example.