Best way to show scenario responses???


I've created a freeform quiz slide (pick one) which asks the learner to select their response from 3 choices.  The objective of the question is to get feedback on their choice as poor, better or best.  'Best' is designated the 'correct' answer, with the other 2 incorrect but each have their own feedback text so I can explain why the choice was poor or better.    If they choose an incorrect answer they can 'try again' and select another answer which is great as they get to see why responses are good or not and can learn from each response.   Everything works perfectly EXCEPT when they select the correct answer.    If they do this they are no longer able to view any of the other choices which seems a shame as this would be beneficial to their learning.   They are forced to continue to the next slide.

Is there a way to create scenario responses where ALL choices can get immediate feedback and learners can explore all the choices if they want to??  

What would be the best way to do this??


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Cheryl!

This may sound a little simplified, but maybe this suggestion will work for you. How about providing additional content for each option on the actual "Correct" feedback layer? This way, the user could see that they answered correctly and it would give them the opportunity to view the reasons why the other responses were incorrect.

Alternatively, you could provide some buttons or shapes on the layer that could be shown or hidden if the user clicks. You could use states and display the additional content when the user clicks on the objects.

Just a couple thoughts I wanted to share :)

Good luck with the project!