Better LMS for Articulate Storyline

I am using storyline to create scenario-based training and it works really well.  Unfortunately, I am hosting the content on Articulate Online which does not have the ability to create a certificate.  You can create one by publishing to a website, or to an LMS, but not on Articulate Online.  What I'm looking for is an LMS that can support the certificate creation.

I would also love it if I could actually sell from the platform as well.  Right now I sell courses through kajabi and deliver them through articulate online.  I don't know if that's even possible, but if someone has any ideas please share!


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Reynaldo Galang

Hi Mary,

This is a very hard question and each has their own thing to sell...

Found an old forum where there lots of suggestions which is the best LMS for Articulate Storyline. Kindly check this link:

You will see at the end the newest among the threads.

Hope this helps.

James Lankford

Hi Mary,

Did you find anything? I'm curious what you decided to use. There are soooo many LMS products. It seems quite difficult to find one with a super intuitive user interface that integrates well into a streamlined sales platform/process. Does Kajabi have any intention of incorporating SCORM? Have you seen this? I hope you find what you need. 

- James