Big issue with the survey and my LMS


I am in big troubles with the results of the survey: I put it on my LMS (eFront or TalentLMS) and I can't have any results ... 

I mean, I did a result slide, in this result slide I choose the slides with the questions (some likert scale, essay and short answer). I published it with the scorm 2004 and the 4th Edition. 

I choose the status "Completed / Incomplete" and to track using the result slide. 

Do you know what to do in order to see what the user answers in the survey ?

Thank you very much, 

Sébastien Greffet

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Sébastien.

First, if your quiz questions are all Survey Questions, it's important to have a Survey Result Slide (as opposed to a Graded Result Slide).

If you've already verified that this is correct, I recommend testing your published content at SCORM Cloud and comparing the results with your LMS.   SCORM Cloud is an industry-standard testing engine.

If your content works properly at SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, open a support case with your LMS provider to troubleshoot the issue.  Your LMS provider may request a debug log to help identify the problem.  Click here to learn how to generate a debug log.

If your course doesn’t play correctly at SCORM Cloud, submit a case to Articulate.

Sebastien Greffet

Hello Justin, 

I try to publish with SCORM Cloud. But I have the same problem: where can I go to see what the user answer ? I mean what they answer precisely in the first question, the second question and so on... 

My second remarque is : the link you give me is for quizmaker, and in storyline I don't see the option to send an email at the end of the survey. Does this option exist with Storyline? Or any another solution to see and read what the users answered ? 

Thank you !

Justin Grenier

My apologies, Sebastien.

I've corrected the link above to point to our Tutorial on Adding Result Slides in Storyline.  Storyline doesn't include an email results feature.

Here's a screen capture of what the detailed survey responses should look like in SCORM Cloud:

If you're not seeing those survey responses in SCORM Cloud, please submit a case and include a copy of your .story file so that we can take a deeper look at the problem.  Thanks!

Jay Dharap

Hi all!

So in order to report survey-type questions to an LMS, I need a Survey Result Slide. Okay, got that. But what if i have 5 survey questions and 5 graded questions in the same e-learning?

How do I get survey replies for the 5 survey questions and a score for the 5 graded questions from the same e-learning?

Thea Lenna


I am having a similar issue. I checked the file in SCORM Cloud and the survey response information is showing up correctly.

We just started using a new LMS (Maestro 5.0). I was wondering if anyone has experience with this LMS in regards to viewing detailed survey response data. Everything is correct in the file, so I think that it may just be the LMS does not read and report out that type of data. I cannot find any information on the LMS about this either.