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Shyam Saha

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Leslie,

I am just wondering with this idea of mine, when I am thinking logically.

There should a place in the file, where  the default size of the font is mentioned.  Correct me if I am wrong.

If we can trace that may we can change that. 

I am just randomly throwing ideas. Anyway, I am putting this feature request


David Sensenig

DISCLAIMER: I really don’t know what I’m doing with CSS, BUT…if you’re desperate for a fix, you might try this.

If you publish your project with HTML5, you can open the “mobile” folder and edit the “player.css” file using Notepad++ (or plain old notepad).The portion that controls the menu font looks like this (for unordered list items; if you have ordered, i.e. numbered menu items, I suppose it’s defined elsewhere):

I changed the font-size to 16px; the weight to normal (or it gets messy looking) and adjusted the height to 20px (or the text gets cut off).

My menu in the player changed from this:

to this:

Of course, it won’t affect your Flash version, but I’d imagine the HTML5 is when it would be most important anyway since that’s what is used on iPads and non-Flash mobile devices. There may be side-effects (not sure what happens to longer titles, wrapped titles etc.). Judging by the dates of postings related to this issue, it is not a high priority for new updates so I thought I’d experiment with it. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who can make use of it or find further ways to improve it.