Blank first slide of story

Jul 08, 2021

Hi there! Once I publish a story, it will start on a blank slide (picture included) 1st slide in preswith the story title, and a play button. I'm looking for either of two options, hoping one is feasible!

  • Can I make the presentation start on the actual first slide of content, instead of this blank screen?
  • Can I 'pretty up' this slide, to add more any graphics or text? Even if I could just add Press the Play button to continue, that would be nice. 

Are either an option? I've searched and can't quite find this same issue. Thank you!


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Lauren Connelly


A slide with a play button appears when there is media on the first slide. It's specifically a way to prevent audio from auto-playing. If you'd rather have a slide appear, I'd recommend adding a title slide that doesn't include media.

Here's a 90-second video on the difference between these two setups.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Surender!

I'm glad that was helpful! Review 360 doesn't track the resume behavior, so Storyline 360 courses always start over when you publish them to Review 360. If you view the course on a web server or LMS and refresh the browser, you'll return to the slide you were on or see a prompt to resume.

Let me know if you have additional questions!