Blackboard, iPad and Storyline Compatability Questions

Forgive me if this question is half discussion, half question but I have some technical isues with Storyline I need some assistance with. We have just bought one seat of storyline and are in pre-production phase and considering more copies or whether we should look at other alternatives.

Our current LMS is Blackboard which requires a student to log into. I understand that the iPad app for Storyline cannot play content from an LMS unless the Tin Can API is used with authentication enabled (something that Blackboard does not curently support). There was a 2 year old thread about this and I am just confirming this is still the case as it seems there is an impasse between Blackboard and Storyline that has not been resolved. Are there any plans to address this issue? (I understand that storyline line content can be hosted on an unsecure server and then launched from an LMS page link but this is not an option for us).

Secondly I have been experimenting with the safari HTML5 support on iPad which does seem to work for the video content we have created thus far. I am wondering what the limitations of this approach are, instead of using the Articulate Storyline iPad app. I have looked at the current article  but the information here is vague, I would be interested in specific examples of where the HTML5 player has deficiencies.

Lastly Retina devices are becoming the norm these days. From what I understand Storyline has no option to output for retina devices, unless 2 storyline files are made at different resolutions, but I guess that would also require some coding to have the browser detect retina support and load the correct images. Are there any plans to add retina support to Storyline? I would also be interested in workaround solutions that people have implemented.

If anyone could address these specific questions and add any discussion or workarounds that would be great. We are very wary of moving forward with a solution that is not responsive and does not run well on iPad devices with our current LMS Blackboard. Although not specific to Storyline we have also looked into iSpring Presenter which also has HTML5 support, so if anyone has any experience with that software on iPads I would also value input. Cheers.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris,

There is some additional information here about deploying for the iPad app or HTML5.  Also, there is a comparison chart here of features and how they'll work/or not within the Flash, HTML5 or mobile player that you may want to review and a new set of articles here on optimizing content for HTML5 deployment.  

In regards to your specific questions, the use of an LMS that requires a log in and the mobile player app still requires the use of Tin Can API, and I don't know of any future plans to change that behavior but you're welcome to submit a feature request to our product development team as we're always interested in your feedback and in what ways we can improve to support your needs. Storyline also doesn't have a specific output for retina display or responsive design, so you may want to send in additional feature requests for those. 

The text within Storyline is turned into an image upon publish as you mentioned, and some users have already requested better text control as a feature, but in the interim are using a workaround of treating the text as a variable reference by placing the %in front of and at the end of the text% although this will have some implications for custom fonts you're using. 

chris King

I fear my problem is more a case of BlackBoards shoddy implementation of the Tin Can API than any fault with Storyline, however as it is still a widely used LMS we are rather stuck with it and these problems. I guess I was hoping there may be a way around it I'm not seeing.

It was clear from a recent BlackBoard staff visit that they have no intention of overhauling BlackBoards interface or even a mobile strategy (it's done as far as they are concerned). I feel the best way forward may be to tell our management that BlackBoard is stuck in the past and if they want a responsive HTML5 solution going forward than a different LMS may be on the cards.

Thanks for the links they are super helpful, I really hope that some of the user requested features you mentioned regarding HTML5 and text and retina support make it into Storyline soon. Cheers.