[BLACKBOARD] Links are broken when rolling a course

Hi everyone,

I understand this question is not directly related to Storyline, and I have asked this question to our BlackBoard team and haven't received a response yet.

When we upload a SCORM file, we also upload a nice image that the students can click on to access the file.

The SCORM files are working fine when rolled, however the link on the image still points to the old course.

Is there a way to roll the course and have the image pointing to the newer instance of the SCORM file?



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Jeffrey W. Har

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for replying so quickly.

I have cleared the cache and the problem still exists.

In the Summer site, the SCORM link and the mouseover link are the same.

However when the site is rolled, the SCORM link changes (new instance), but the mouseover link still points to the old instance.