Blackboard LMS wont play character triggers for sound

Jun 05, 2014


It all plays well when published until I put it into Blackboard 9.1. The videos still play( after a few fiddles) but the charaters I added for introducing subjects which e=were supposed to speak on click wont talk! The system seems to think or search as the time icon appears but then nada.

No error message, nothing.

Help! Any solution to this? One of teh reasons I asked for storyline is to use teh characters this way....



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Archana,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior with your published files. 

How did you set the characters up to "talk"?  I know there are a few other threads where users have animated the characters using another program and then imported those animations into Storyline as Flash files or similar. Also, you mentioned it played well outside of Blackboard - have you tested it locally or just in the preview? You may want to see how the course behaves if you load it up to a site such as SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content or even a web server to help narrow down if it's an issue with the file or the LMS. There are a few free web servers linked in this article that you may want to try. 

Archana Bhandari

Hi Ashley

Thanks for your reply.

The characters are set up with a trigger that plays audio recorded within Storyline itself.

Is there a specific manner in which I should publish the files to test them  to play in the Dropbox? I was thinking that I used TINCAN for the LMS and the fault may not show at all if I publish to web format ?

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