Blank content screen when launching HTML5 courses in Storyline


Some of my users are getting a blank screen when they launch my course in HTML5 (see attached). All users use Chrome and there isn't an option to use a different browser. What's odd is that the majority of users can view the course but there are a few who can't. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks!

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Tracy Krawiec

I am having the same issue. My development machine (on same network) previews the course just fine, but is defaulting to flash

But my workstation displays an empty screen and is defaulting to html5. Both systems are using Chrome and appear to have the same settings when compared. Our other users are having simuliar issues.

Thanks - could use some help



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy,

I couldn't access either of those links, but I wanted to know what version of Storyline are you using? Also do you know what version of Chrome you're using?  Here's a Peek video on how to check your browser version. 

You'll want to make sure you've published for HTML5 and if not, that you've enabled Flash as a part of the Chrome browser.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy,

Are you linking all the users to the story.html file? If so, it'll determine which version to show an indvidual based on their browser and with Storyline 3/360 you'll see the URL change from story.html to  story_flash.html or story_html5.html based on what they're viewing. 

I wasn't able to access either link to test it myself, can you share just the story.html link here with us? 

unara Nn

Hello All,  I need help! We've been "battling"this issue for over a year.

Our SL2 courses/ LearnDash work fine.  But on republishing as LMS/TINCAN/HTML5 only, they load blank screen. (ref attached image). We had engaged Articulate Support in 2018, but to no joy.

This happens with both the story_html5.html and story.html files. But it works if we publish as WEB. We used the latest rial version of 360 . 3.28.18944.0.

We desperately need to use 360. Help, PLEASE !

Thank you


Katie Riggio

Hi there, unara!

Sorry to hear you're still at this roadblock, and I'm glad you reach out to us. I see our talented Support team received your case and files for review. You should hear back from someone soon, and I'll follow the case so I can share any important insight here, too. 

We'll help you get through this oddity!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Roxanne!

I'm happy to help! Is your client using a specific browser where the content is loading? Also, how have you published the course?

Here are the LMS options when publishing your course. 

Lastly, I'm happy to take a look at the file! You can share it in your reply by using the "Add Attachment" button in this discussion. 

Sally Harris

Did anyone find a solution to this strange situation?  I am also having this issue with html5 TinCan files published from Storyline and loaded into an LMS.  It's an intermittent issue in that probably only about 1-2% of users are getting the blank screen and all others can go through the content just fine.  I can't replicate the problem with my test user, but I can see the problem when I impersonate my users who get the blank screen.  They are all using Chrome, but all different versions, and some the same version as me at time of testing.

Ren Gomez

Hi D M,

I'm not aware of any issues currently with viewing a course in Chrome using a Mac. Can you share some more details on how you're hosting your course? Have you uploaded it to an LMS, or to the web?

You may also want to try clearing your browser cache or testing the link in an incognito window to see if it's browser-related.

Looking forward to hearing back!

Laura Douglas

I have a client who is also experiencing this same issue - with a course published in May of this year.  CSOD - They run many courses that we provide and have no issues with them - 

Here are the issues that pop up: 

1- launch the course - and they see nothing but a blank white screen nothing more

2- launch the course and begin taking it - and upon completing Mod 1 the main menu screen shows only a portion of the elements on it - almost like a partial refresh of the page - usually it is the title and 3 of the menu buttons - (and none of them are clickable) The top edge of the skin is usually showing with main menu and exit - but they are not clickable - no previous or back buttons - They become stuck and can not move forward or back.

3- not logging their progress correctly - a learner takes the course completes and receives a successful notice of completion and then a day later gets a notice for the LMS they need to take the course, the log back in and see their progress is showing they only completed module 1 So the course is not reporting or storing their progress.

4- for a learner who intentionally pauses their progress and goes back, again - all of the progress is not stored properly.

If anyone on the board has more information I would be interested in hearing possible solutions.  Thanks!

Sally Harris

We found eventually that this was an issue with a new file version being uploaded into the LMS, after fixing a bug or making a small text change for example.  Replacing the file caused it to not accept the resume data from the LMS, despite the variables etc. matching exactly.

We fixed the problem by creating a report of any users that were in progress when the file was changed and re-enrolling them on the file.  Our trainings are reasonably short and most people leave a file in progress when they have failed the quiz, so we haven’t had any complaints about restarting from those who find themselves re-enrolled.

We also had an issue with progress not being stored correctly.  Our LMS only responds in a correct manner when progress data is returned to it by a slide change.  Attempting to send data in any other way caused us to have lots of users who lost progress/completion status.  This is something that is LMS specific though, because the same files functioned perfectly in our old Moodle system.