Blank page when publishing from Storyline 360 for IE/Flash

Hi all, is anyone else having trouble opening SL 360-published eLearning in Internet Explorer? In IE, we are just seeing a blank window. It's fine in Chrome of course.

Something seems to have changed in the past month or so. Older SL 360 eLearnings work fine in IE and publishing from SL2  works fine too.

Just curious. I entered a support ticket but haven't heard back yet as it's only been 2 days...

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Usha, 

So it's only the SL360 published version that shows the black output, whereas the SL2 files that were previously published are fine? Are you only running into this issue with files you upgraded from SL2 to SL360, or any files created in SL360? 

I know Leslie mentioned there were different Storyline publish settings on your file than what you mentioned, have you checked into that piece as well to confirm you're using the same publishing settings? 

Since Leslie's version did work on SCORM Cloud, it's a good indication that the file is being published correctly and nothing has gone wrong there. Have you reached out to your web server admins to see if they had any ideas? 

Usha Narayanan

Hello Ashley,

Yes, its the SL360 version that shows this. So far, we have not created any SL360 from scratch. All our attempts have been from upgrading existing SL2 course.

Regarding the settings - I had uploaded the wrong file (!). Prior to that, I had tried publishing -(with the settings as mentioned) - in my downloaded trial version. My Articulate developer also downloaded a trial version and sent me the published - (thus eliminating any setting/publishing errors I was committing) - with same result. And with the same piece.

But noted with web admins - we will try checking with them.

I need to ask - would it be possible to extend the trial period for a little longer ?

Thank you

Regards.. usha