Blank Screen when trying to Preview a Module

I've used Storyline 2 for the past several months without any major issue.  I needed to work on a couple of modules I've been developing.  I opened Articulate Storyline 2 as usual and it came up as usual.  I could see my modules on the left side as before.  I clicked on one of the modules, it opened in the story mode and appeared normal.  However, when I tried to preview it, it opened to a blank screen.  When I exited the preview, I could see the module again.  I rebooted the computer, same thing, blank screen.   This is the first time I've experienced this, any ideas on what I need to do.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Les --

Thanks for reaching out here. This is something we are aware of due to a recent release of Flash player and our Support engineers are hard at work on this issue. We've got some updated documentation here and a workaround.

It seems to be an issue within the Adobe Flash update that is affecting more than just Articulate software per the bug report on Adobe's site. The current solution is to rollback the Flash player update and once we have additional information to share in regards to hearing back from Adobe or fixes within Articulate we'll be sure to update folks here and for any open cases associated with this issue. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Les -- So sorry for your frustrations! If issues persist and the information I provided is not doing the trick for you and you need immediate assistance, I would recommend that you reach out to our Support Engineers directly using this form. I will be sure to follow along with your case and share any relevant updates here, as well. 

Also, I wanted to note as it appears that you have replied via email, that your signature details are displayed publicly here in the thread. You are welcome to use the EDIT button beneath your post to remove those details if you wish. :)

Christie Pollick

UPDATE for anyone who comes across this thread or has a similar issue... the following was recommended by one of our Support Engineers and the following addressed his issue:

"According to the report, you have the latest version of Flash Player and Windows 7. Our aim is to remove Flash Player and install the working previous version. Please follow the steps here: 

1. Restart you computer 

2. Close all running applications 

3. Open Internet Explorer 

4. Uninstall Flash Player by following the steps here: 

5. Once you have verified that Flash Player is gone, download this ZIP file to your desktop: 

6. Extract all contents of the ZIP file 

7. Open the fp_20.0.0.228_archive folder, then open the 20_0_d0_228 folder. 

8. Right-click flashplayer20_0d0_228_winax.exe and select Run as administrator. 

9. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. 

10. Reboot your computer and test your Articulate software again."

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Adobe and Microsoft released information that Windows 7, Vista and Windows 10 have been updated. 

Install the latest Windows updates to resolve it.

  1. Go to the Start menu and click Settings.
  2. When the Settings window opens, click Update & Security.
  3. Click Check for updates and allow the latest updates to install.
  4. Reboot your computer and test your Articulate software again.

We're waiting for additional information in regards to Windows 8.

Leslie McKerchie

Good news! Adobe and Microsoft have fixed the Flash Player bug that broke many applications just before the new year, including Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Articulate Studio.

Here's how to install the latest Adobe/Microsoft update so you can preview your e-learning projects, edit videos, and launch CD-published courses again.