Blank Slide When Using Hot Spots

Jun 26, 2015

I have a slide with many hot spots.  Employees are required to click on all of them before being allowed to move to the next slide.  The slide had worked perfectly, but now when I click on a few hot spots the slide reverts to a blank slide.  You have to click on the next slide in the menu to continue.  My triggers seem to be correct, so this is just weird.  Help, please.

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Prashant Patil

Hi Melanie

are you trying to open any slide layer on timeline end this might cause disappearing the objects on base layer please check the layer setting for all the slide layers you have, and remove the setting hide objects on base layer, please check the attachment for reference or you can also attach your .story file. so that i can help you with your file, hope this helps.



Melanie Mornard

Hi Prashant:

No, this is all on one slide.  It worked perfectly until I published it and then it started acting weird.  What's also interesting it that sometimes I can only click on 2-3 hotspots before the slide goes blank.  Other times I might click six or more before it goes blank.

The file is attached above.

Thanks for you help!


Terry Coe

I figured it out... the problem isnt the markers... everything is set to disappear when the timeline ends... so it does... I fixed it by highlighting everything except the audio, right clicking on the timeline and choosing "always show"

Here's the fixed file.. let me know if it works for you.

*I had to reload this due to the forklift image being locked. that is fixed now too.

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