Blocking Next Button not working

Sep 05, 2014

I have a course that includes multiple videos. My client wants to ensure that the videos are actually watched to completion. I have followed the tutorial for disabling the Next button as follows:

1 - creating a true / false variable called videoNNwatched and setting it to False.

2 - creating a trigger that changes the variable to True when the media completes.

3 - adding a condition to the trigger for moving to the next slide when the Next button is pushed that checks that the variable is set to True.

All this works in Firefox. But in Internet Explorer and Chrome, it sometimes does not. This is not a cache clearing issue, as I have cleared the cache each time I have tested it. There is also no pattern to this. In Chrome, almost every video could be bypassed, and then only some, and then different ones. Same in Internet Explorer. (All browsers are latest versions).

Related: even with these controls in place, you can still click to the end of the Seekbar to bypass a video. Can this be disabled?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Jason,

You can choose to not use the seekbar so that users cannot bypass through the video. Here is information on how to do this.

As far as the browser issue, are you testing this locally? You may want to test this in its intended environment if possible. Or you can use Tempshare, or the SCORM Cloud, which is the industry standard for testing content, and is a free option.

And this is some additional information about how to disable the next button for reference.

Let us know if you need anything further!

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