Blue Background to Sound Icon

Oct 30, 2014

Greetings - I recently imported audio to a Storyline piece I am creating, and for some reason there is a blue background on each of the "speaker" icons in slide view.  It doesn't seem to be affecting anything, although I have had some issue with Storyline acting strangely when I attempt to add cuepoints to the timeline.

Anyway - just a curiosity question to see if anyone has an answer - or has run into this before.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Brent!

I added an audio file in both Storyline 1 and 2 and it showed up with a transparent background. This icon will not show in your preview or published output, it is just there for deference while creating the course.

If you are seeing strange behavior in Storyline, please make sure that you are working locally as described here. Also you can check out the steps listed here.

Brent Berheim

Hi Emily - thanks for getting back to me!  Yes, I realize that the icon does not show in the preview or published output.  And, my experience on previous modules was that they always had the transparent background - which I why I thought it strange that these imported to my file as a blue background.    It doesn't seem to be a problem - but was more of a curiosity since I had never seen it before.  It almost appears to me that the icon is selected - but that isn't the case.

Anyway - no big deal - just curious if anyone else had run into it - and whether it meant something.

Also - i do work locally, as I have run into issues in the past when I didn't (although that was mostly with Articulate Presenter files).

Thanks again for getting back to me!

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