Blurred dashed lines - any known fix?

Hi, I am working on a SL2 project in the ophthalmology field, therefore the visual clarity is very important.

If I draw a line and make it dashed or dotted, it appears blurry. 

I have tried creating a new project and drawing a new line, it does the same so the issue is not related to my specific project. Attached is a line I have copied as is and simply changed to "dashed".

Anyone knows of a fix or workaround for this?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, P-Y -- Thanks for your question and sorry you are having this issue! Do the lines appear dashed in Preview within Storyline and also in the published output when viewed in the intended environment?

And can you share how you are publishing, by chance? I am not sure if this will apply equally to lines/dashed lines, but you may want to review this information on when Objects Are Blurry or Pixelated in HTML5 Content. Please let us know if that helps, and if you'd like us to check out your file more closely, we'd be happy to take a look! 

P-Y Beaulieu

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The line is fine in Preview and when looked at size 100%.

However when content is blown up whether in Flash or HTML5, it is blurry like in the screenshot I sent you (that's an empty project where I just traced two lines, published, and blew up the flash version....nothing fancy). Now I understand for HTML 5 that these are not vectors, so should I gather that dashed/dotted lines are also rendered as graphics when published in Flash?