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Vincent Scoma

Hi Sarah, 

Our team is continuing to track this issue, and I have added your comments to our report. In the meantime, Ren's workaround to replace line arrows with block arrows is an alternative to clear up the blurry lines. 

You're in the right place, and we'll be sure to provide an update as soon as we have more details to share! 

Chris Cole

After a little experimenting...

If I insert a simple Line shape (Insert / Shape) and add an end to it (Line Style / End Type) then the line and end (circle, diamond, whatever) are blurry.

However, if I insert an Arrow shape then everything looks much better - not perfectly crisp, but much better. 



Crystal Klarich

Any updates on this? I'm experiencing the issue in v3.42.22734.0 as well. Block arrows are not an option and the default arrow head looks almost okay at 1 px weight, but is still fuzzy otherwise. I'm really not looking forward to changing all of these arrows and their various drop states to lines with triangles at the end... This is definitely a frustrating bug that I hope gets corrected soon.

blurry arrows



blurry arrows continued

walt hoebich

im laughing at a reply. The arrows from Storyline360 v3.42.22792.0 are blurry indeed. It has to do with the fantastic transform in size on export, where it seems all content is truncated in some way/shrunk down by a pixel even, would cause a visual imperfection I'm discovering. Unknown why a storyline arrow would be blurry

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone!

As promised, I'm here to notify you of our latest update to Storyline 360, which includes:

Fixed: Arrows and dashed lines were blurry when previewed or published.

To get the latest update, launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for Storyline 360. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions. You can reply here or reach out to our Support Engineers directly.