Blurry/Fuzzy screen casts on conversion from storyline 2 to 3

Apr 19, 2018


I am fairly new to storyline so apologies if I am missing something obvious. I built a number of courses in SL 2 using screen recordings, uploaded them to our LMS and they are worked fine and clarity was fine.

However, I recently converted them to SL 3 and the screen recordings are now all blurry and fuzzy in the preview and I can't work out why.

I've also done some new screen recordings in SL 3 and the recordings are also all fuzzy.

Any help would be much appreciated


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Elisabeth Houston

Alyssa - I've worked out what the issue is.  It is the problem with my high res monitor being at over 100% resolution.  My recommended is 150% but that makes all of storyline blurry.  If I reduce down to 100% resolution, it is all crisp, but it is tiny and not really workable.  Is this issue being resolved or am I better to revert backwards to SL2?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elisabeth, 

Thanks for coming back here and sharing that. 

As Alyssa shared, the preview may show blurry when seeing the Desktop view, but the published output should be fine.

It also sounds like you've seen issues based on how Storyline interfaces with high-resolution monitors. We had some similar behaviors in Storyline 2, where the authoring UI would appear tiny at 100% or 96 DPI on a really high-resolution screen, so our team changed how this is handled in Storyline 3/360. 

Most users have reported a much better experience in SL3/360 than SL2, but there are still some issues if scaling up the resolution so we're continuing to look at options and ideas for additional fixes. 

We'll let you know here as soon as we have more info, but you may want to try using the 100% or even somewhere in between. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elisabeth, 

You should be able to work with Storyline 3 on a high resolution monitor without any issues. Can you share a couple of details with me?

  • It sounds like you're using the 100% recommended setting as shown here, correct?

  • Also, what is your actual screen resolution?

I'll have my team look at that information so we can figure out what's happening on your end.

Diane Irwin

I will keep an eye on this because I am also experiencing similar issues.   Preview looks great, I publish them to Articulate Review for my team o comment on, and they are saying certain screens are blurry.  These are screen that I have used the 'Step by Step' recording mode.  However, it is odd this is not occurring on all of the 'Step by Step' screen, just random.  I have tried all the fixes mentioned, but they are still blurry.  Especially when being view on a laptop.

Diane Irwin

Thank you for following up on this issue. My issues are with Storyline 360, blurry/fuzzy screens only while using the screen cast (step-by-step). The below link is for the 'Review' that both my stakeholders have commented on the screens being blurry. From my view some are a little blurry on my monitor when I view them, but not to the extent that they are stating. One particular screen, they say it is so blurry it hurts their eyes, however it looks fine to me. So I cannot fix something I cannot see. . These screens are ones that I have used screen cast and it is the step-by-step.

My display setting from the Control panel of my computer is 100%, resolution 1920 x 1080.

I have tried to correct the problem by:

Fine tuning the screen cast by using the screen before or after hoping it is more clear did not seem to make a difference
Making sure not to over zoom to a region


Diane Irwin
Sr. Clinical Systems Instructional Designer & Trainer

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Diane,

You just provided a little throw-back for me back to my clinical training days with Cerner :)

I'm not seeing an issue with blurriness when viewing your review link either.

I'd be interested in some screenshots of the particular slides your users are having an issue with and perhaps what the resolution they are using is.

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