Blurry Graphics

Hi Heroes! 

I've read a few discussions around blurry graphics, however, they all seem to be from quite some time ago. 

My colleagues and I are having issues with blurry graphics in Storyline 360 when previewing/publishing. 

I'm exporting graphics the same way I have done for many years now and noticed recently that graphics with text on them appear blurry (see attached example). I have tried png, jpeg, SVG...altering sizes, altering my grouping, outlining text as well as many other things, with no success. 

I'm not sure what has changed, but I'm really struggling to identify what the cause is or how to resolve it. 

Anyone else having this issue?? 

Thanks in advance, 

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Mark Kirby

Hi Pierre

The only solution that has worked for me is to print the Excel as pdf, then export to Powerpoint where you can then save as SVG. These images are not degraded in any way (however there are some other quirks noted by others above which make the SVG's user unfriendly to work with afterwards in Storyline.) But getting Excel into PPT then SVG does work, albeit it's a painful workflow.

Pierre Jouan

Thanks Mark.

I'll have a go at your solution.

The funny thing is that we're back to vector format like in the good old Flash days (swf exports)...

Edit : I had a go at your solution and it works great. You can even skip the PDF step by pasting directly your table in Powerpoint ("keep source formatting" option), right-clicking on it, "save as picture" and save directly as SVG. 

Thanks again!