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Emily Ruby

Hello Gustaf,

Objects aren't vectored in HTML5 output. As a result, they may not appear as crisp in HTML5 as they do in Flash if you set the player to scale to fill the browser. To avoid scaling and reduction in image quality, we recommend locking your course player at optimal size.

Tip: Because objects aren't vectored in HTML5 output, they may look blurry or pixelated in zoom regions.

Let us know if this helps!

Gustaf Sylvin

Hi Emily.

Thank you for your answer.

Well I tried to set the project to publish to optimal size. No big difference. See pics.

Html5 output:

Flash output:

Check for example the word "Produktinfo" under the pictures. To me (and my users) this is not fully ok. Further on we notice some lagging in the html5 version. Why isn't the html5 version vectorized? Is it technically impossible or are there any other reasons?

Ok we could use the app but that gives other disadvantages in the project we are working on.



Emily Ruby

Hello Gustaf,

I want to check and see where you are testing this. Are you using Chrome, or are you testing on a mobile device?

As far as the images not being vectorized, I am not a programmer, so I cannot say for sure if it is impossible, but it is the way it is currently designed, and stated in the Support articles we offer.

If you would like, you can submit a feature request, as we always take those into consideration.

Some of the other members here may have some ideas for you to make this image look a bit better. One possibility, as far as the "Produktinfo" under the picture, could you make this a text object?

Ryan Martin

Same HTML5 blurring here.

@Emily, any explanation on the Articulate side?

It's really inconsistent. Even within States. Text within different states (same object) are hit and miss.

Overall, really impressed with HTML5 output. Just this one bug causes major problems. Don't want our learners feeling like they're losing their eye sight :)