Blurry Images in Preview and Published

I've noticed this for awhile, all of my images I insert into this Storyline 3 course appear quite blurry everywhere - on the Storyline development screens, when previewed and when published (either as HTML5 or Flash).

The images are all smaller than the maximum size, they are at 100% scaling, have no effects applied to them. My Publish settings is set to 100% quality.  I've tried bitmaps, pngs, jpgs, all identical blurry results.

I've searched these forums and seen a couple other threads on it , but never found a solution or real explanation for it. I can't send this course over to my client - it's embarrassingly bad. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Logan,

No apologies necessary, as I know this discussion has been ongoing and full of concerns and fixes connected to blurriness. I did want to clarify one more piece with you, and for any others here in the community.

The issue you've worked on with our support team, in that images added to existing shapes as fill are blurry, was only reported approximately 4 months ago. The larger issue discussed here where everything on a slide was blurry in the Chrome browser was fixed in an earlier update to Storyline.

We know there is more work to do on a number of these issues, so we're focused on those fixes and will continue to share updates as they're available.

Logan Stahler

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the reply.  I actually first submitted a case for this issue back in September of 2018 - no resolution was found.  It has always bugged me and so when I recently began work on another project that used a similar look/feel, I reported it again.  I just wanted to clarify that this issue has been brought to Articulate's attention (at least once by me) 9+ months ago, not 4.  If you'd like my original case number from 9/2018, please let me know.  



Evan Ingber

Hi Ashley,

I sent back an email to you last week when i received it, but haven't heard anything back since I sent it. I'm more than happy to schedule some time to talk. Please reply to my email from last week and we can get it moving in the right direction. I appreciate you taking the time out to contact me directly. Here's to hoping to hear from you soon!!


Heinee Hinrichsen

Again. Look at this screen image. This jpg hasn't been reduced in photoshop. It hasn't been shrunk or enlarged on the screen. Its as it is. In photoshop it is crisp and clean but imported in Storyline 360 it looks like garbage and its making our modules look very unprofessional. This should be a very high priority for your engineers to be working on. 

Heinee Hinrichsen

Just so there isn't any confusion on my publish settings. Yes. I have all my settings set to the highest quality UNLESS there are some other settings that I am not aware of that are buried in your software somewhere. If there are any other settings you should have them at eye level so you aren't digging around trying to figure out where they are. Just a suggestion. Please for the love of all that lives on this planet. Fix this.

Gerry Wasiluk

What you might want to try is to use the Classic Player and keep your course a fixed size to prevent any scaling. If you can get your captured image about the size of your course screen and then have the image be an EMF you might get good results.  The key is to prevent the least amount of scaling.


Heinee Hinrichsen

No scaling going on here. Its a 100% jpg. No compression and as I stated earlier. Looks perfect in photoshop and every other photo imaging product with the exception of Storyline 360. My display size is 720x540 and the jpg that goes in the background is that size. This is so frustrating. This thread was started 2 years ago without resolution. Why is this so hard to fix? Why are people still commenting on here after 2 years without a resolution to the problem?

Kelley Likes

Ok, so I spent some time reading other posts. I found that if I set my Story Size larger than what I need, the images end up being pretty much crystal clear, not blurry at all.  I made the story size 2047x1200 (Design tab) Lock aspect Ratio and then scaled when I first changed it...simple fix, but it worked for me. 

Stian Larsen

Hi, how would this work? Set larger size, and then change it down again?

For me, it's all blurry in preview and publish. I think IE displays it sharper, but not crisp. Chrome is dull and blurry.

Thanks for tagging me. Will try this out. But that would mean I have to open up all of the previous 60+ live productions and do the scaling up/down, republish and reuploading...

Can you clarify again how you did this?

I don't want the launch-window to be fullscreen, and I need it scalable.

Thanks :)

Kelley Likes

Hello Stian,
So my screenshots were blurry no matter what I did. But I noticed, when I used the slider and zoomed to 160% the pictures were actually really nice. Then when I went back down to 100% it was blurry again. So I looked around and someone posted about changing the size to be bigger.


At 202%

So I set my Story Size to this:


And nothing is blurry anymore when I publish.

I know about republishing. I've got about 50 I have to now redo myself. And if you have callouts or borders, they might shift as well...more work...whoo-hoo.

Let me know if you need any help.

Stian Larsen

I can see the images. Thanks for the explanation.

I would have to alter the display size from the LMS launcher to achieve this. And even if this would work, all my current assets are created 1:1 to be sharp. Screenshots of systems for example, are not scaled down. They are 1:1, but I've moved and cut away dead-space to make them fit. Changing the size would render all my assets useless, and would require way too much work. And we can't be planning on over sizing every asset in our production as a workaround. 

I really do appreciate your workaround and explanation, but it wouldn't work for me :/

Articulate should have fixed this. It worked fine in SL2, then we upgraded all our licences and projects to SL3, and we've had this issue ever since. There where one period where courses was not blurry  but most of the versions of SL3 makes it blurry... I'm sick of having to explain to all my clients that unfortunately, I can only produce blurry outputs.

Might have worked in SL2 because I was using flash as publish. Cant use that now, as its disabled on all systems we use. And HTML output should work as intended.

I'm wanting to check out other development tools, as I'm really not a fan of being left in the dark for this long...

Kelley Likes

I didn't so anything special with my images. I sized the screen down to 50% when I worked and just put them in like normal. I didn't have to do anything with them when I converted the Slide Size. 

But, you are right, I use 360 and this thread has been going on for 2 years and there is still an issue.