blurry scorm


I made a presentation on powerpoint, then using SL360 i have published it as a HTML5 SCORM , at the quality highest level (both videos and photos) But the screen captures looks blurry. if I use powerpoint it looks sharp.
the interesting thing here is that I have installed also Ispring addon to PPT and use also the highest quality and also here it looks blurry!

what is going on here ????

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Ren Gomez

Hi Ron,

I'm sorry to hear you're still running into this issue, but so far we haven't been able to nail down your experience!

I've started a case on your behalf with our support engineers to take a closer. You should receive an email with an upload link. They'd be happy to look at one of your PowerPoint files and help test!

Be on the lookout for a reply soon!

tom jovel

same problem !!!!
I have created a screen capture - PNG (also TIFF) no matter what I do it gets out blurry. 
I have attached the ppt so you can see the perfect image at pp, and published those slides at articulate addon on powerpoint, at the best quality possible. you will see the difference in the small fonts...
I will also appreciate your help, on this matter.

tom jovel

I think I am on to something !!!

When presenting the outcome at 150% magnify (browser magnify) it looks sharp.

the screen res is 1920*1080 both captured and presents.

But I have no clue how to overcome this issue, anyone has an idea?
see for yourselves it is amazing the difference!