Blurry screenshots in 360

I've taken several screenshots of a software I am creating training for, placed them in PPT, then converted to 360. Very blurry from the original PPT. I've tried saving the screenshots as .PNGs and .jpegs and inserting them directly into 360, blurry still. I have the optimization set and the publishing quality at its highest. Attached is an example of the before and after. Look at the blue text specifically. Its not drastic but it is blurrier.  Any help????

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Tom Kuhlmann

I addressed a similar question with some ideas to help here. A few quick points:

  • The preview will always be a little less quality than the final published output, so it's worth testing a published version.
  • You will always get image degradation when you scale an image down from it's original resolution. Ideally your slide size and image sizes are close to the same.
  • The browser scales which means that in most cases the user is viewing a scaled version of the course which also impacts the image quality.