Blurry Text in Images

I'm having a problem with blurry images in Storyline 360. I've found some other discussions related to this, but I haven't seen a resolution. I also think I've uncovered the source of the problem.

Here are the details: I started a brand new Storyline 360 project and added an image that includes some text. In this particular situation, it happens to be my company's logo. I've tried several different file formats and image resolutions, but no matter what I do, it appears blurry both in preview and when I publishe it, even when I've set the image quality defaults to 100%.

I did some digging through the published files and found that the asset is being converted into a much smaller jpg and is being stored in the (project)/mobile folder when it's published. The image is literally compressed by about 90%. I am able to resolve the issue by manually moving the original image file into the published folder and renaming it to match the name of the compressed image. This is fine as a workaround in this test case because I am dealing with one slide and one image, though it certainly will not work for a project that was any larger.

This all leads me to believe that while Storyline 360 is optimizing images for mobile delivery consumption (by which I mean it's trying to minimize file sizes), it's not also keeping copies of the assets that would be more appropriate for people using desktop browsers. Maybe that isn't the intent, but it's the outcome. When file sizes are getting compressed as much as they are - even when one indicates a preference for quality over file size - there's just no way to retain the overall quality of the image.

I'm hoping the massive amount of image compression combined with the lack of a more high-fidelity version of the original image is a bug and not a feature.

Any help would be appreciated.

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