Blurry text in scroll panel

Jun 11, 2019

Does anyone know why images with text get so blurry when pasted into the scroll panel in Articulate Storyline 360? How do I prevent this? It is really frustrating and I need to use the scroll function in most of my courses. 


Thank you! 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Naomi,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your project.

Are you seeing this blurriness in a particular browser?

I did a quick test with text only in a course published to the web and viewing in Chrome 75 and did not have an issue.

Here's my published output. 

Are you seeing any blurriness there? If so, please let me know what environment and browser you are using and I'd be happy to take another look.

I know you mentioned an image with text, so if you have an image you'd like me to take a look at, I'd be happy to do that as well.

Naomi Masoner-Gould

It is prior to publishing, and it is with anything I put into the scroll bar! It is really driving me nuts but when I try to preview it thinking maybe it is just weird in 360, it still has issues. I tried in chrome and IE but this is noticeable prior to publish as well. 


PS yours looks fine, when I type directly into the scroll bar it is fine. However with what I am creating this is very time consuming because I would rather put a pdf in or a clear screenshot. 

Naomi Masoner-Gould

wow it does not look blurry at all on your screen ... I do not know why I am having this issue! How do I check to see if my display is set to scale above 100%? I am concerned my storyline 360 has a bug because that is where I am having this issue and I just reinstalled it completely. I am also seeing lag and issues with the hotspots when I have a lot on one slide. When I publish it maintains the blur on my end when I view through Rise. I am sure it is just me but not sure how to fix it. 


Thank you, 


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