Blurry text ONLY in layers

Oct 23, 2018

Hi, I need some help regarding blurry text in storyline. I read som threads about similar issues but can´t really find the answer to this perticular problem.

In the course that I´m bulding are the text previewed as blurry. But it is ONLY  text in added layers. All text in the base layers are fine. The text is blurry in preview, when published in review and when I publish it as a SCORM package. 

I´m am working in a predecied template and when I try text on layers in other projects at the same computer it´s no problem. So I´m guessing it is some problem in the template settings but that is how far I have come.  I can sadly not share a file for you to view the project with the template. 

Any ideés?

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Dianne  Hope

I have been experiencing this issue for quite a while now. I have an open support ticket with Articulate, but there has been no progress on this. Here is the link to the original thread:

I would suggest you contact Articulate Support and log a ticket.  The issues I reported have not improved, despite a whole lot of troubleshooting. It does seem to be with text on layers, or where there are animations added to text and/or images. 

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