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Karen OBrien

hi guys, I'm working on this with Andrew - the issue seems to be when you use myriad pro/arial font at less than 12pt. 

You'll see in the below Storyline output that the words in bold and bold-italic are misaligned with the rest of the text.

All text boxes here are set to Do not Autofit. I have also attached the Storyline 2 file for reference. I'd be very grateful for any feedback you can provide.

storyline output (font issues)

John Curran

Similar things happens when using Arial font. When you make a word bold in a paragraph of text it is misaligned when published - guess it's a Flash issue? Have to use Arial (even though it's horrible on-screen) because it is client's corporate font.

This issue also came up in another discussion and there is clearly an issue.

Any update on a solution or fix?