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Jill McNair

Hi Sinchu,

I have not run into this before.  One thing you might try is to delete one of the text boxes and re-enter it to see if happens with a fresh text box.  You could also try to change the font to see if it that is the problem (maybe you are using an imported font that is not working right). 

If you want, you can submit a support case here: http://www.articulate.com/support/contact/submit.php

Unlike so many support sites, they are quick to respond (and will probably want to see your file).

Hope this helps!


Eilert Torsnes

Hey guys

I experienced the same issue in Storyline, and found a way to work around it.

Had a textbox with the built in font LftEtica bk. Set one word in a sentence to bold in order to highlight it, but it didn't display as bold in the preview. Solved it by changing the font of that particular word to LftEtica SB, which is a semi-bold font by default.

That took care of the problem, maybe you can use the same solution for your courses Sinchu:)